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New Works

This gallery represents the paintings that I have finished recently.

For the past 7 months I have been working on two big projects.  The first project was a June show at the Hoffman Center for the Arts.  I painted fourteen new paintings for this show, and the show was entitled: "Oregon Perceptions: Beauty in the Everyday."  Each of these paintings were inspired by living in Oregon and the nature that I get to enjoy every day in this beautiful state.

The second big project was to create some example paintings for two new workshops that I developed and taught this summer at the Hoffman Center.  The first workshop, in June, was an exciting collaborative event.  The workshop was called "Painting Watercolor Florals: Inspired by the Japanese Art of Ikebana".  We painted from live Ikebana flower arrangements that were the outcome of a Japanese flower arranging workshop the week before.  The Ikebana workshop used clay vessels that were created especially for them by the Hoffman Clay Studio.  I have included two of my Ikebana inspired paintiings here. 

I also taught a workshop in July about exploring and mixing color.  I have included a few of the examples of my work from that workshop as well.  The pelican and sea turtle paintings are from photos that I took in Mexico, and my painting continues to change as I paint new subjects, and try new techniques.  I am loving every day that I get to paint!  


All works are copyright protected.