Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross series was a commissioned work for St. Bede's Episcopal Church in Forest Grove, Oregon, just outside Portland.

The Stations of the Cross have traditionally been used as a visual means of following in the footsteps of Christ's journey to the cross, and as such is used as a spiritual tool by church goers. 

This commission was a compelling project for me both artistically and spiritually. I spent two months working on the initial drawings and compositions, and another three months painting the 14 watercolors. The installation was held in February of 2005.   

At the beginning of 2008, a Catholic church volunteer in Malaysia emailed me, requesting permission to use these images on the church Web site. I granted them permission, and thus began a very unexpected blessing that has come out of the painting of the Stations. Since that first request, many more requests have come in from all over the world including 27 states in the US, and 11 countries outside the United States.  If interested you can see a map of the locations by clicking here:

In order to gain permission for use of my images, I require a description of the project in written form. If I feel that the request meets the use for which these paintings were intended, then I will send an electronic use agreement that the requesting party needs to agree to. I ask that a written request be made for each project.  Once permission has been granted you can access the following page to gain access to the largest format images: Stations of the Cross Downloads

Artist's note: All paintings are 11" x 15" and were done on Arches Cold Press #300 paper.
All works are copyright protected.