Form & Fruit - Student Paintings

I'm just beginning to teach my fourth Watercolor Fundamentals class at Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene, Oregon.  And tonight I'm teaching Session 2 which covers the idea of painting form.  Because this is a beginning level class, we start very simply.  I have them draw three circles on a piece of watercolor paper, and then they paint each one in a different primary color, moving from dark to light to create a spherical form. 

After this exercise I have them select three pieces of fruit from baskets of lemons, apples and sometimes tangerines that I have brought.  I don't have them think about composition, they can arrange the fruit any way they want.  The purpose of this assignment is to paint a recognizable object with form.  I'm including paintings from both the Fall 2017 and the Winter 2018 class below.  I find these paintings to be charming, colorful, and fun.  And I think the fruit has weight and form.  Enjoy!

These are from the Fall 2017 class.

These are from the Winter 2018 class.