I was reading an article in my local newspaper about a "Starfish-killing disease".  This disease causes their arms to fall off, and then turn to goo.  They don't know what causes it.  It has been killing starfish all along the West Coast, but has finally reached Oregon.  It's affecting several types of starfish including the ones we see most often on the Oregon coast, the orange and purple ones, called Ochre Starfish.

Starfish are known for their regenerative properties, in that if they lose an arm, they can grow one back.  But this disease is obviously preventing that from happening.  The article I read says that "scientific divers will be surveying Oregon's coastal waters through October." ( - for a copy of the article)

All of this made me very sad.  I have seen these starfish many times on the coast, and find them beautiful.  So I am inspired to paint some starfish.  I've been working on some ideas, the first of which is finished.  I'm not sure what I want to do with this painting...but I'm thinking that if I get at least one more good starfish painting under my belt, I may explore the idea of donating these paintings as a way for one of these research organizations to make some money.  Perhaps they could make prints and sell them, or use the painting on posters to make the public more aware of this dilemma.  Anyway...I will do some research and see if these paintings could help in any way. 

In the meantime, I'm at least reflecting on the beauty of these creatures.  So here is the first painting I'm working on.  Hope you like it.

Ochre Starfish - 2014

Ochre Starfish - 2014