Winter Watercolor Class at Maude Kerns

I just finished my 6th time teaching “Watercolor Fundamentals” at Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene, Oregon. I have so enjoyed teaching this class, and have had wonderful students each time. Some students have repeated the class several times, and that is always fun as well. i love seeing their confidence grow as their painting skills improve.

The last class always includes a sharing time where we look at the 6 paintings created during the class.a It is always fun to see how much work the students have done in 8 weeks.

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Organizing Bliss

I'm in the middle of my break between teaching workshops and traveling to Italy for a painting workshop.  I decided to organize my studio so that when I return from Italy, I'll be ready to start teaching.  For years I've kept my watercolor tubes of paint separated by color in plastic "Ziplock" bags in a drawer.  This was not the most efficient way to store my paints and so I decided to search for a new method of storage.  This is what I found...

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Being Seen in Oregon - 2018

Sometimes you think about something that you would like to have happen in your life.  Sometimes you think about it for a long time, and then you decide that you would really like this to happen.  Often what happens next is that your desire becomes reality.  This has happened in 2018 for me and showing my work in galleries.

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Form & Fruit - Student Paintings

I'm just beginning to teach my fourth Watercolor Fundamentals class at Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene, Oregon.  And tonight I'm teaching Session 2 which covers the idea of painting form.  Because this is a beginning level class, we start very simply.  I have them draw three circles on a piece of watercolor paper, and then…

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2016 in Review

Well, as 2016 comes near the end, I wanted to write a brief posting as I look back over a momentous year.  It was a year of firsts for me in my art career, and it was very exciting and satisfying.

The year began…

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Teaching a Watercolor Workshop!

On October 8th & 9th, I taught my first watercolor workshop at the Hoffman Art Center in Manzanita, Oregon.  I had 6 students, and it was a workshop that I developed for beginning watercolor students.  

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Painting Retreat in September 2016

I was so fortunate to be able to take a week and have a private painting retreat in September.  My friends Angela and Mike generously let me stay at their lovely beach house in Oceanside, Oregon. I arrived on a sunny Sunday afternoon and got settled in…

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Fall 2015 Update

I've been busy updating my website today, with new images of paintings that I've done in the past year.  I have been busy trying some new imagery, along with working on some pieces from my Seasons of Life series that I would like to continue.

Check out the new work section of my website and see what I've been up to!

I'd like to update you on my Sea Star project as well. 

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Starfish Project - Update

I've always loved the phenomenon that happens when something becomes important or focal in your life, and then suddenly you see it everywhere!  This is happening for me with starfish, although there were premonitions beforehand…

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I was reading an article in my local newspaper about a "Starfish-killing disease".  This disease causes their arms to fall off, and then turn to goo.  They don't know what causes it.  It has been killing starfish all along the West Coast, but has finally reached Oregon.  It's affecting several types of starfish including the ones we see most often on the Oregon coast, the orange and purple ones, called Ochre Starfish…

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A Beginning

Welcome to my new website!  As I was putting this together,  I discovered that there was a blog feature.  So I am attempting to begin my first blog.  I am calling it In & Out as I am hoping to share things that happen in my studio as well as out in the bigger world...related to my art development.

So take a look at my new website.  It has a very clean look, and I'm happy that I found Square Space.  It has been a good process to put this website together.  And I'm looking forward to being able to easily edit this site by adding new images of paintings that I do. 

I am excited about the blog as well.  I will try to write at least once a month...and we'll see how this evolves.

For anyone who is reading...thanks for your interest.  I'll look forward to what comes next...and please feel free to comment at any time.